Counselling in Manchester

Counselling in ManchesterCounselling in Manchester

Frequently asked questions


How often are the sessions?


50 minutes once a week during the initial weeks of therapy. Long term therapy will be subject to negotiation. I believe regular attendance promotes continuity but I am willing to consider working with people on a fortnightly basis. 

What about Confidentiality and Records?

Psychotherapy in Manchester

The content of our sessions is confidential to you and me. I will however need to discuss my work with my supervisor and within peer supervision groups. I will not disclose any identifying details about you within my supervision. I will make brief notes after each session in order to assist me to monitor my work. All notes with be anonymised and they are securely stored.

Possible exceptions to having to share my records:

- If I am required to do so by a UK court of law

- If I think you are at risk of giving or receiving serious harm from self or other.

From time to time I may ask permission to tape a session, however you will be asked in advance about this.

How long will the therapy last?


It varies. Some people come to therapy for months other for years. Those wishing to explore and unpick deeper underlying issues may require longer. It depends on the individual but we can discuss this during our initial meeting. I offer brief therapy which would comprise of 15 sessions and also long term therapy.

How do I know if therapy is the right thing for me?


It is important to make the decision to enter therapy for yourself. An initial consultation will help you to decide what type of therapist you would like to work with and what you want out of therapy. Within the initial sessions we will be getting to know each other in order to establish rapport.  During therapy you will have the time and space to explore and review the experience of working with me and decide whether you want to continue.

Fees & Cancellations

I require 48 hours notice for cancellations. You will be charged the full fee if cancellation is at short notice.

I offer a sliding scale in terms of my fees and have a few low-cost therapy slots for people on low incomes. Fees range from £25 to £45 and my therapy room is based on Deansgate, Manchester City Centre, or via webcam or phone. I accept payments in cash or Bank Transfer. Payments to be made on the day of the session.


If during the therapy process you decide that do not wish to continue it is often useful to have a phased ending over several weeks to consolidate the work and bring closure to the therapeutic relationship. The amount of time you want for this depends on your preference. As a minimum I would require one week’s notice, when you are ready to leave.